About Us

S  O  F  T    D  A  D  D  Y

We want to share the powerful feeling, almost a “daddy-like” confidence, with a broad range of people – different personalities, races, bodies, gender identities. Soft Daddy’s name came from this idea of taking the power of “daddy” and softening some of its limitations to a point where any person could tap into that powerful and confident feeling. It’s much healthier and productive to focus on celebration and individuality, not exclusion and conformity.

So here at Soft Daddy, we say YES to fats, YES to femmes, YES to GNC folks, YES to all those people who don’t feel they fit into the restricted roles our culture seems to offer. Everyone can use a power-accessory, and Soft Daddy was conceived explicitly for that purpose. 

Every effort has been made to provide the highest quality of construction and finish to each piece we make. Unlike other harnesses, our work is constructed of two materials mounted back-to-back, so the front face looks and feels just as good as the surfaces that touch you. The edges of every single strap are painstakingly finished by hand using a series of premium edge sealers and paints. 

Each piece is made to order, by hand, in Los Angeles. We pour a lot of love into our work, and typically ship out orders within 5-7 days.